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Open ERP News

  • New Gold Partner in Belgium: Eezee-It

    We are glad to announce that our partner, Eezee-It has been promoted to Gold Partner statusEezee-It is a Belgian company specialised in enterprise management solutions based on OpenERP. 

    Partner since 2010, Eezee-It helps small and medium companies from multi-sectors to integrate and improve their business process with OpenERP.

    Eezee-It has recently developed an OpenERP v5, v6 and v7 mobile client for iOS and is working on a new multi-platform mobile client (iOs and Android) with full reading and writing features from and to OpenERP.

    "A true professional, dynamic and customer minded Team. The perfect recipe for a successful OpenERP Integration”, said Ludovic Pimpurniaux, OpenERP  Partner Account Manager.

    The company, located in the Axis Parc at Louvain-La-Neuve, also proposes the Eezee-Box product, an OpenERP hosting solution delivered as a cloud computing platform.

    Discover more about Eezee-IT and how you can contact them here: 

  • Elico Corp will implement OpenERP for SCIP SITA - leading Hazardous Waste Management

    We are glad to announce that SCIP SITA and Elico Corp Shanghai have signed a cooperation agreement to implement OpenERP.  SCIP SITA is the largest and most sophisticated hazardous waste incinerators in mainland China. 

    OpenERP will be used to manage all operations related to plant management and administration. The project, combining resources from both companies, has started in April 2013 for an expected duration of 2 years.

    The first phase will focus on core business management processes such as: Waste and Customer contract management, Sales, Warehousing, Purchasing, HR, Accounting and CMMS integration. 

    A second phase will complete this scope with manufacturing processes and the integration with laboratory management and gate attendance.

    SCIP SITA Waste Services is a subsidiary of Suez Environment that operates the largest and most sophisticated hazardous waste incinerators (2 lines) in mainland China, with an annual treatment capacity of 60,000 tons per year. More information.                    


    Elico Corp is OpenERP Silver Partner and Premium Certified Training Center in China. The company operates two offices in Shanghai and ShenZhen and covers the following area: JiangSu, ZheJiang, GuangDong, Macau and Hong-Kong. More information.    


  • New Gold Partner in Belgium

    We are excited to announce that our long-standing Belgian partner, BHC IT Services, has been promoted to Gold Partner status. The Gold partnership level is awarded to companies that have demonstrated a significant and continued investment in OpenERP implementation, integration and support services; who have successfully managed projects for a wide variety of companies; and who have developed strategic relationships in alignment with OpenERP's goals.

    BHC IT Services have more than 15 years of experience in development and integration of management software, from small and medium business to corporate companies of several thousands users. They're an early adopter of several Open-Source solutions, and are working with Open-Source ERP since 2005. BHC became an official OpenERP partner in 2008 and have successfully managed a lot of different OpenERP customer projects since then.

    BHC is also contributing a lot to the community by developping extra OpenERP modules, their most known developments are the Android suite of Business Applications for OpenERP and the realtime XML integration module for IngramMicro.

    Based in the Wallonia Digital Innovation Valley (Mons, Belgium), BHC is delivering its services both to the local and international market.

    Learn more:

  • Open Days 2013 - The OpenERP event of the year

    The Open Days are dedicated to all our community, partners, clients and end-users. It's a time when we come together and showcase the new features, future version and achievements. 

    This year, the Open Days are preceded by 2 days of training sessions for experts! We propose 4 different training sessions, 2 days each.

    Training Sessions: 1 - 2 July 2013                                                                                                                  

    These training sessions are dedicated to advanced OpenERP technical and functional users. An additional session is reserved to sales. Check here a preview of the functional training. More information

    Subscribe here (until May 6th to benefit of the Early bird price)

    Open Days: 3 - 5 July 2013

    Discover the future version of OpenERP, learn to implement best community modules and get feedback from successful partners. Around 1500 people will attend to share knowledge, experience an best practices. More information.

    Register here 

  • QuickStart Offer Testimonials

    In January 2013, we defined the 'QuickStart' methodology that allows deploying small to medium companies in production in just a few days. Read more here and see what participants had to say: 

    • Pascal Wautier works in the sports field at the academy Sonbae which offers courses of Taekwondo. With OpenERP, he hopes to have a better management of thier sporting events as well as managing the members and thier attendance at the courses. Pascal attended the session Get On Board CRM. Here are his impressions!

    1) What is your feeling after three days of training?

    The training is interactive, it's great! The trainer is very flexible and is not just following the content word by word. He understands our needs and looks at each case individually. He plays a real consultancy role. This privileged contact is a nice surprise.

    2) Does this training meet your expectations?

    Training goes far beyond the expectations and further in details. We see the real product ‘live’ with demos and beyond the field of CRM. Training is tailored entirely to our operating environment.

    3) Are you ready to use OpenERP?          

    Absolutely! I acquired the necessary skills to configure a database tailored for our needs. In addition, I am able to import the list of students in the system. So, we can do the first tests soon with our teachers. 

    • Wathelet Luc is the founder of the company “Wattlet” that sells products in the field of electricity. He expects from OpenERP an effective and integrated management of its sales, its customers, its inventory and invoicing.. Luke attended the session "Get on Board CRM". Here are his impressions:

    1) What do you think of the commercial approach related to the Get On Board sessions?          

    The approach is excellent. The OpenERP salesperson understood my needs very quickly and I was directly advised to participate in this session. Regarding the process, it's simple, I didn’t have to do anything! 

    2) Does this training meet your expectations??

    Yes, I can now manage my business opportunities, my orders, invoices and delivery notes. Before, we generated invoices in Excel. We really needed a more integrated solution at the level of the overall flow of sale. Version 6 of OpenERP seemed a little complicated to deal with but with version 7 it is very different. It starts much easier, it's very intuitive!

    3) What do you think of this learning format?

    With three people, training was highly interactive and we had a lot of back and forth. If there were more people, it would have been difficult to have such interaction. Overall, I am very satisfied. Regarding the comprehension part, I am 100% operational. Now I just need to encode some information in my database and to implement the automatic startup of the server. I would never have expected such an outcome after only three days!

    • Ramzi Soenen is responsible of the IT solution for the company Neolabo, active in the sale of cosmetic products. First of all, he expects from OpenERP to manage the clients, the sales but also the stock of the company. In addition, he would like to use the applications of OpenERP for his personal company and to plan and organize the day of his wife, an independent nurse. Ramzi participated in the Get On Board, CRM (3 days) and Point of Sale (2 days) sessions. Here are his impressions: 

    1) How did you find our training Get On Board?

    We attended the presentation of OpenERP 7 in Brussels and when we saw all the features we directly said: "OpenERP is for us! ". The salesperson with who we were in contact with, told us immediately after the demonstration about this new type of training. We signed up right away!

    2) What do you get from this training?

    I am very happy with the training. I did not think we would see so much in so little time. Watching the program at first, I thought that some of my questions about the features would remain unanswered. It did not happen! I particularly enjoyed the interaction with other participants and the trainer flexibility, he always takes time to answer our questions, even if it must go beyond schedules.

    3) Does this training meet  your expectations?

    Training has exceeded expectations. Given the implementation time of our previous software, I've never imagined being able to leave the training with a database ready for use. Initially, I imagined a training course much more commercial, rather like a demonstration of OpenERP. This was not the case at all! During each stage of learning, each participant was able to examine his case with the help of the trainer. I can say that the training has overexceeded my expectations.

    4) Do you think that you hold an operational database thanks to these three days of training?          

    For my personal company and for the nurse planning of my wife, yes, completely! All that I suggested to my wife before was too complicated. She will love OpenERP!

    Regarding Neolabo, we can already use the system point of sale for our store. Regarding the CRM, I would say we are operating at 80%. This is quite normal because we have 20 years of programming behind the system we use now, we knew that we wouldn’t reach this level in three days. It's already amazing to be at 80%!  

    5) Do you have a clear idea of  what needs to be set or adapt for a fully operational system ?                  

    Yes, there will be some adjustments to make, but that development will be done by an OpenEPR partner. With this training, I have a very good idea of ​​what is operational, what is missing and what needs to be done. If I had not followed the training, I would not dispose of the necessary knowledge of OpenERP standards to establish a list of adjustments.

    Read more about the QuickStart offer!